What We Grew in 2017

Here are some of the things we grew in 2017…


Espelette Pepper (Piment d’Espelette in French)

Exotic chili of the Basque region in Southern France, which traditionally are dried and used as a seasoning, similar in heat to paprika (mild), but with a robust peppery taste. Fresh or dried use in your dish, sauce or marinade. Can be added to your cooking oil as you would garlic or onions or puréed or pickled in jars. Can be purchased as festoons of fresh or dried peppers.

This pepper is classified as an AOC product and so we can’t really call them Piment d’Espelette.

Tolli’s Sweet Italian 

This sweet Italian heirloom is a 4-5″ long scarlet-red sweet pepper, is very sweet and crunchy, excellent fresh in salads, great for stir fries, and of course your favorite tomato sauce!

Thai Red Chili Pepper     

This small, hot heirloom chili from Thailand is used in the cuisines of Thailand, south India, Vietnam and elsewhere in southeast Asia. Thai chilies are among the hottest peppers available.

California Wonder Bell Pepper

A large heirloom bell pepper with sweet-flavored, thick-fleshed fruits, we pick some at the glossy green stage and let some mature to a bright red before we pick them. The fruits are culinary staples, whether stuffed, chopped into salads or grilled beside fajitas.

Corno di Toro Rosso Pepper

Italian heirloom: delicious fresh, fried, stuffed or grilled  The name of this pepper translates as “horn of the bull”, a tribute to the peppers’ full, tapered shape. These long 8 to 10 inch tapered, bull-horn shaped bright red peppers are sweet and spicy. 



Black Sea Man

A hardy Russian black heirloom that looks odd but tastes delicious, with rich flavor and rarely available.

Ukrainian Purple 

This delicious Ukrainian heirloom tomato has purplish-black, egg-shaped fruit that are smooth, sweet and flavorful making them a good choice for eating fresh, salsa and sauces.

Principe Borghese

An Italian heirloom that is famous for sun drying. The small 1-2 oz. plum-shaped fruits are unusually meaty and have a rich tomato taste that is wonderful for sauces. 



Listada de Gandia Eggplant

An Italian heirloom variety with beautiful 6-8 inch oval white fruit with purple stripes, perfect for parmigiana.

Traviata (F1) Eggplant

Traditional black Italian type hybrid with glossy black fruit in the classic bell shape. The firm flesh is good for slicing, and when roasted it becomes smooth, mild, and pleasant.


Other Stuff

Rapini (broccoli raab)

Known as Italian broccoli, tender shoots with spicy flavor and the leaves taste great, saute away!

Two Inch Strawberry Dakota Corn

An indigenous red corn with strawberry shaped ears that is excellent for popping.