Organic Outdoor Bed

In the summer of 2018 we built our first outdoor planting bed. With a goal to obtain an organic certification for this bed in mind, we made our bed in layers like this:

  • 5” sand on graded surface;
  • geotextile liner;
  • 5” sand;
  • 4’ wood chips;
  • 4” sand on 30” beds;
  • 1’ mix of compost/top soil;


We had winter rye seed to sow for a cover crop but because we grew late into the fall we did not get it planted in time and cold weather arrived in October this year.

Our outdoor planting season ended with an early November snow that caught us by surprise. This is the frozen snow covered spinach.

frozen, snow covered spinach nov. 2018
frozen, snow covered spinach nov. 2018