Our Vision


JW Glass is a long-time computer programmer but growing food in one form or another for almost 30 years.  Robert Phillips has been gaining lots of experience in his few years farming. We both have our strengths and weaknesses but one thing we both really good at is growing vegetables and that is what we love to do.

5th Ave. Farm, LLC is a small, sustainable and intensively cultivated organic urban farm in the East Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago. We grow food the old fashioned way, by hand, in small batches. We offer:

  • locally sourced food for people to eat;
  • personal farmer experience;
  • unique produce, using non-GMO seed, organically seeded and grown;

Our customers are primarily farm-to-table restaurants close to East Garfield Park. We are committed to attending the local farmers market, to be held at the Hatchery starting in 2019, and offering the same quality of produce we do to our restaurant accounts at lower prices.

Our goal is to build a small book of business with local farm-to-table restaurants to sustain 3 full-time farmers.


And as land stewards our focus is on building harmonious plant and soil systems by:

  • soil building following organic system plan;
  • no-till farm method;
  • crop rotation;
  • use of solar energy and appropriate technology;
  • attention to mineral balance;
  • biodiversity maintenance;
  • effective weed control;
  • proactive pest management;
Robert & Chairman Fred Hampton in East Garfield Park
Robert & Chairman Fred Hampton in East Garfield Park