What We Grow

This is a general list of what we are or have recently been growing…


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Salad Greens

radicchio, the round ‘Chioggia type’

young radicchio
young radicchio



Pepper, Hungarian Wax

Pepper, Poblano

Pepper, Purple Beauty

Pepper, Santa Fe Grande

Pepper, Espelette

Pepper, Thai Hot

Pepper, Aji Charapita

Pepper, Fatalii


Cucumber, Parisian Gherkin


Watermelon, Jubilee

Cantelope, Sugar Cube



Tomato, Jelly Bean (grape)

Tomato, Artisan Tiger Stripes (cherry)

Tomato, Lizzano (cherry)

Tomato, Tommy Toe (cherry)

Tomato, Principe Borghese (grape)

Tomato, Cherokee Purple (pole)

Tomato, Black Sea Man

Tomato, Sunrise Bumblebee (grape)

Tomato, Artisan Tiger Stripes (cherry)

Tomato, Black Icicle

Tomato, Artisan Bumble Bee Blend (cherry)

Tomato, Raspberry Lyanna

Tomato, Moneymaker (pole)

Tomato, Indigo Cherry Drops

Tomato, Beefsteak

Tomato, Brandywine

Tomato, Golden Boy


Winter Squash, Kuri

Winter Squash, Winter Sweet